The Slaughter Chronicles

A Grimdark Paranormal Fantasy series of novels and short fiction about a world where humans don’t believe in monsters but they are very much real.

Think of it as if Brian Lumley (Necroscope Series) wrote Colette’s Gigi. But instead of taking place in France, he set it in rural Arkansas and Gigi was a werewolf trained to kill monsters instead of Parisian high society etiquette.

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Cover design by Jessa Forest, art by Robin Vuchnich

Regina’s destiny was to be locked away in a convent forever, a servant of God and a holy order dedicated to protecting humanity from a very specific evil. But all that changed when her father came home from a tour in Iraq as a werewolf instead of a normal human. When Joseph Slaughter turned his daughter it was an accident but that didn’t stop her mother, his wife, from trying to kill them both. He gave his life so his daughter could escape, have a better life.

Only things don’t work out that way.

HADES has a modern answer to an ancient problem. There have always been monsters and it’s the responsibility of all HADES hunters to exterminate them. It’s a bloody job but someone has to do it.

This collection also includes 2 Slaughter Chronicles novellas, 4 short stories, bonus world building material, and the first 3 chapters of Havoc’s Moon (Book 1).

Books In the Series

(Schedule subject to change)

(Book 1) Havoc’s Moon: TBA 2021

(Book 2) Exile’s Moon: TBA 2021

(Book 3) Berserker Moon: TBA

(Book 4) Cold Moon: TBA

(Book 5) Void Moon: TBA

(Book 6) Mage’s Moon: TBA

(Book 7) Hunger Moon: TBA

(Book 8) Falling Moon: TBA

(Book 9) TBA

(Book 10) TBA

Short Fiction Collections and Backstory Novellas

Pulling Teeth and Other Stories: Winter 2020

Rise of the Archangel and Other Stories: TBA

Dark Home and Other Stories: TBA

Once a King: TBA

Image Credit: @teledoor24


Robin Vuchnich at My Custom Book Cover