Monsters Killing Monsters

No one is better at killing monsters than teenage werewolf Regina Slaughter…

Yeah, right!

On her first mission, she was supposed to kill a violent jellyfish monster with a mouth like a blender. But how could she resist its squishy pink charms? Naming it Squee didn’t defuse the scene she caused when she brought it home.

Regina is far from perfect, but that hasn’t stopped HADES’s top Void Hunter from molding her into his version of the perfect killing machine. After all, brutal violence is something she’s used to. Especially after her mother tried to kill her.

Sure, she’s insubordinate and hot headed sometimes. And yeah, she hates paperwork and always leaves her loaded sidearm lying around. Not smart!

But when anything threatens her pack or her family, Regina is the first one to charge into battle.

The problem is she’s living in a world full of unseen terrors and hidden treachery, and it turns out the lines between good and evil aren’t as clear as Regina once thought.

The Slaughter Chronicles is a grimdark paranormal fantasy series of novels and short fiction about a world where humans don’t believe in monsters but they are very much real. And they will eat you.

Join Regina Slaughter, Void hunter and werewolf, as she navigates the secret world of monster and monster hunters.

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Pulling Teeth and Other Stories of the Slaughter Chronicles

Old wounds.

New beginnings.

Jellyfish monsters.

Teenage Regina Slaughter finds out there are three sides to life: human, monster, and human-turned-monster.

Restarting her life with an emotionally barren Void hunter for a teacher and a caring werewolf for an adopted father gives her a bright, shiny future. But her world didn’t start out so bright and shiny.

When little Regina unwillingly became a werewolf at the tender age of nine, she lost her whole family soon after. Her new life in a cage at the whim of HADES monster hunters’ experimentations is even worse than her old life.

Now on the monster side of life, Regina learns that there are no limits to the kind of monster humans can be.

Regina is saved by the Alpha of a werewolf pack, who was also once human…and also once a werewolf hunter himself. Joyfully accepted into the Alpha’s new pack–joyful on her side, not on all of theirs–Regina enters the perilous world of monster hunting to protect the world from actually evil monsters.

Although sometimes she ends up keeping them as pets.

Buckle your seatbelts, put on a helmet, and hold on tight as you join Regina Slaughter in this grimdark paranormal fantasy collection that features five stories, two mad scientists, and one wolf girl.

Books in the Series

(Schedule subject to change)

(Book 0) Pulling Teeth and Other Stories: Winter 2020

(Book 1) Havoc’s Moon: August 2021

(Book 2) Exile’s Moon: TBA 2022

(Book 3) Berserker Moon: TBA 2022

(Book 4) Cold Moon: TBA 2023

(Book 5) Void Moon: TBA 2023

(Book 6) Mage’s Moon: TBA 2024

(Book 7) Hunger Moon: TBA 2024

(Book 8) Falling Moon: TBA 2025

(Book 9) Moon’s End: TBA 2025

(Book 10) Title Pending…TBA 2026


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