The Slaughter Chronicles

Monsters Killing Monsters

No one is better at killing monsters than Regina Slaughter…

Yeah, right!

On her very first field mission she brought the creature she was supposed to kill–a horrifying jellyfish monster with a mouth like a blender–home as a pet.

Regina is far from perfect but that hasn’t stopped HADES’s top Void Hunter from molding her into his version of the perfect killing machine.

Sure, she’s insubordinate and hot headed sometimes; she hates paperwork and always leaves her side arm lying around…

“Why does a wolf need a gun?” she cries.

But when anything threatens her pack or her family, Regina is the first one to charge into battle.

Sometimes the best way to kill a monster is with another monster.

Sometimes, in a world full of unseen terrors and hidden treachery, the lines between good and evil aren’t as clear as Regina would like.

The Slaughter Chronicles is a Grimdark Paranormal Fantasy series of novels and short fiction about a world where humans don’t believe in monsters but they are very much real. And they will eat you.

HADES is a private corporation dedicated to protecting every soft, squishy human from the terrors of the Void, the invisible dimension from which all hungry things come.

HADES has a different hunter for every occasion: Nyx’s Tears for the vampires, Gluttons of Chronos for the werewolves, and–most deadly of all–Hyperion’s Fury for those undefinable horrors birthed in the abyss.

Join Regina Slaughter, Void hunter, werewolf, as she navigates the unseen world of monster and monster hunters.

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Pulling Teeth and Other Stories of the Slaughter Chronicles

Regina’s destiny was to be locked away in a convent forever, a servant of God and a holy order dedicated to protecting humanity from a very specific evil. But all that changed when her father came home from a tour in Iraq as a werewolf instead of a normal human. When Joseph Slaughter turned his daughter it was an accident but that didn’t stop her mother, his wife, from trying to kill them both. He gave his life so his daughter could escape, have a better life.

Only things don’t work out that way.

In this collection you get two Regina Slaughter backstory novellas that shed light on her past experiences with HADES, before Hyperion’s Fury, and how she came to be adopted into her werewolf pack.

You also get three short stories, one of which details the famous “I brought the monster home instead of killing it!” situation.


Books in the Series

(Schedule subject to change)

(Book 1) Havoc’s Moon: Spring 2021

(Book 2) Exile’s Moon: TBA 2021

(Book 3) Berserker Moon: TBA

(Book 4) Cold Moon: TBA

(Book 5) Void Moon: TBA

(Book 6) Mage’s Moon: TBA

(Book 7) Hunger Moon: TBA

(Book 8) Falling Moon: TBA

(Book 9) TBA

(Book 10) TBA

Short Fiction Collections and Backstory Novellas

Pulling Teeth and Other Stories: Winter 2020

Dark Home and Other Stories: TBA

Collection no. 3 [title forthcoming]: TBA


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