HADES: Departments and Threat Assessments

What is HADES?

HADES, on paper and in any official or legal context, is a private security company in The Slaughter Chronicles universe.

Unofficially, it recruits, houses, trains, and pays the majority of all monster hunters living in North America. HADES recruiters target individuals whose families have been decimated by strange illnesses or bizarre accidents that baffle local law enforcement.

These things happen more often than you think.

Upon recruitment, the perspective employee is run through a series of aptitude and placement tests to evaluate their skills. They are then assigned to the division where they will (theoretically) make the best fit. Not every recruit is cut out for field work, those individuals are relegated to the support and administrative positions.

Those who are deemed fit and tenacious enough for combat situations are allocated to the operations and hunting units.

A HADES hunter has no personal attachments to family and friends from their previous life; upon employment, all pre-existing debts or obligations are paid and removed by the legal and accounting teams. In exchange for complete erasure from society, hunters put themselves in great physical and psychological peril to protect the rest of the blissfully ignorant human population.

HADES Hunting Divisions

Gluttons of Chronos: Werewolf Hunters

Symbol: Two smoking shotguns crossed under a wolf skull with Gluttons of Chronos written underneath in cursive

Note: They are the only division within HADES to openly advertise their division name. Cocky bastards.

Hyperion’s Fury: Void Hunters

Symbol: White sun with rays and a human skull inside

Biscuits of Cerberus: Internal Affairs

Symbol: Three black dog heads inside a white bone

Note: They hunt down all the hunters who turn. Scary as fuck.

River Styx: Information Technology

Symbol: Winding river that ends in a power plug.

Charon’s Fare: Recruiting and Dispatch

Symbol: Two white discs/coins on a black field

Themis’s Judgement: Legal and Accounting

Symbol: A pair of scales

Fun Fact: Themis’s Judgement is the only department in HADES with two department heads.

Prometheus’s Shame: Mage Hunters

Symbol: Fire

Nyx’s Tears: Vampire Hunters

Symbol: Eye with teeth

Hephaestus’s Arms: Weapons Development

Symbol: Two crossing hammers

Departments that exist but I haven’t come up with their symbols yet…

Gaea’s Pride: EMT/Medical

Tartarus’s Tribute: Logistics and Supply

HADES Threat Assessments

Ranked from lowest to highest.

1ST = one skull threat. You can kill it by stepping on it.

2ST = two skull threat. You can kill it by stepping on it but don’t be a dumbass.

3ST = three skull threat. Bring extra bullets.

4ST = four skull threat. Bring more extra bullets.

5ST = five skull threat. Get a team, get a flame thrower.

6ST-9ST = six to nine skull threat. A 50 cal is your friend…results may vary—

10ST or God Level Threat = make sure you have all you insurance paperwork filled out with Legal. Only high-ranking and experienced squads are ever ordered to engage these threats. Even then, engage only if you’re crazy and have a shit ton of C4.

God Level Threats on file:

• Anubis: Azir Naifeh, Mage. Cairo, Egypt. Do. Not. Engage.

• Apollo: Max, Void Creature. Nevada, USA.

• Ares: Rusty King, Vampire. Ink, Arkansas, USA.

• The Dragon: [NAME UNKNOWN], Void Creature. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


• The Kelpie: [NAME UNKNOWN], Void Creature. Loch Slochd, Scotland.

• Niña Blanca: [NAME UNKNOWN], Void Creature. [CITY UNKNOWN], Mexico. Do. Not. Engage.

• Poseidon: Eisley L’Olonnais, Vampire. Pacific Ocean.

• Veles: [NAME UNKNOWN], Void Creature. The Baltic Sea.

11ST = CLASSIFIED. This does not exist, there is no such thing. Forget you ever heard about it.

There are other supernatural creatures targets on file but those are classified.

Ink sketch of Theodore Thane wearing his plague mask.
Preliminary concept art for Theodore Thane/Hyperion by Mr. J. Spoiler alert: claws…

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