A Grimdark Urban Fantasy series of novels and short fiction about a world where humans don’t know monsters but they are very much real.

Part gritty, Lovecraftian drama, part Arthurian legend retelling (Book 2 onward).

Think of it as if Brian Lumley (Necroscope Series) wrote Colette’s Gigi. But instead of taking place in France, he set it in rural Arkansas and Gigi was a werewolf trained to kill monsters instead of Parisian high society etiquette.

Illustration Credit: @teledoor24


Werewolves, vampires and miscellaneous spiky, wobbly creatures.

Werewolf and vampire hunters and the various organizations that employ them.

Mercenaries, assassins, and a monster criminal underworld.

A badass sword.

Alcohol enthusiasm.


(subject to change)

Short Fiction Collections and Backstory Novellas

Pulling Teeth and Other Stories: Hopefully 2020

Sanctum: Rise of the Archangel and Other Stories: TBA

Dark Home and Other Stories: TBA

Once a King: TBA

Books in the Series

(Book 1) Havoc’s Moon: TBA 2021

(Book 2) Exile’s Moon: TBA 2021

(Book 3) Berserker Moon: TBA

(Book 4) Cold Moon: TBA

(Book 5) Void Moon: TBA

(Book 6) Mage’s Moon: TBA

(Book 7) Hunger Moon: TBA

(Book 8) Falling Moon: TBA

(Book 9) TBA

(Book 10) TBA


This collection includes…

DEAD GIRL MOON + MOON SHINE: 2 Regina Slaughter backstory novellas.

In a world full of unseen demons, a werewolf is just another monster.

When Regina’s father accidentally bites and contaminates his daughter, he starts her down a path very different from the life her mother planned for her.

Life in prison is hard but what do you do when you’re an 11-year-old wolf girl?

Regina Slaughter was, according to police reports, the victim of a brutal murder. In reality she became the property of HADES, a mercurial mercenary company dedicated to wiping out the supernatural menace.

Good always triumphs over evil, right?

Not when evil locks you in a cage and does everything it can to destroy you. When Regina’s best friend Tiffany, another werewolf and an innocent victim of HADES, goes missing she will do everything she can to find her.

Join Regina Slaughter as she navigates the dangerous and tumultuous world of monsters and moonshine.


Want to be a monster hunter? Have you sent your application in in triplicate? Congratulations! Here’s your welcome letter from your new supervisor.

Regina’s Guide to Monster Hunting

The first 3 chapters of Havoc’s Moon (Book 1)

AND three short stories:

Pulling Teeth

Demon Tooth

Mission Report: Cuteness Overload



The Slaughter Chronicles Book Covers and wolf head ornament: Robin Vuchnich at My Custom Book Cover



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