Interviews and Other Publications

INTERVIEWS and readings

Lurking for Legends 02/23/21 In which awesome hosts Christie Stratos, Richard H. Stephens and I chat about the writing process. In this interview I reference a book sale that has now passed.

Quarancon2021 Live Reading

April 9, 2021 Live Reading

QuaranCon 2021 is a virtual writing convention for writers who want to stay the f*** home. In this reading you get an abridged version of my short story Demon Tooth (form Pulling Teeth and Other Stories of the Slaughter Chronicles). It is a side story set in 2008, about four teenage friends who try experimenting with magic they don’t understand.

Trigger Warnings/Disclaimer: Detailed descriptions of violence/gore, references to bullying and drug use, liberal swearing, and an adorable jellyfish monster.


Dear Reader: October 2020: “Home”

Blood and Bourbon issue 7: Begin Again: “She Had Cities” and “Red Lineage”

Trampoline Poetry Issue 6: “Lab: Medusa’s Head”


Cover designed by Thea Nicolescu

Read my short story The Harpy’s Son in Through Other Eyes.

In Through Other Eyes, the first All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, immerse yourself in 30 unique stories featuring non-human protagonists, from aliens to dragons and monsters to mythical beings. Become someone-and something-else.



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Hardback and paperback editions are also available.