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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Some of my books contain mature language (read: swearing–LOTS of swearing). So, if F-bombs aren’t your thing, please pass The Slaughter Chronicles by. There are also detailed gory action scenes. Honestly, the books should come to you soaked in blood. Definitely consider this series “Rated R.”

My Speculative E-Shorts are a little lighter, maybe “PG-13” on the swearing. But they do contain dark, mature themes, reader discretion is advised.

I do not write nice characters and I do not write happy endings. If that is what you are looking for, you are in the wrong place.

I do not support or condone violence or child abuse of any kind. I do not support or condone the sexual abuse of persons of any age, gender, or sexual orientation.

I do not support the cultural or religious appropriation of any kind. The fictional, supernatural characters of The Slaughter Chronicles and Speculative E-Shorts are inspired by mythology, folklore, and ancient religions from all over the world. They are intended to create an entertaining fictional world, and they are not intended to be an accurate representation of their country or culture. I respects all cultures and religions.

I do not support animal cruelty. Even if it’s just fiction and the animals (read: Void Creatures) are not “real.”

The Privacy Policy

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Sometimes Jessa Forest will include third-party links through email or on the website. These sites have their own policies and you should read those before subscribing or purchasing from them.

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