Character Timelines

Note: This list will grow as the books are published and new characters take the stage.

Atlas Barrow

1969: Mother and father meet and are married.

1975: Born.

1980: Younger brother born.

1995: Parents and brother are killed by werewolves; recruited by HADES.

1996: Assigned to Gluttons of Chronos after training.

2003: (age 28) Contaminated by Fenrir (God-Level, 10ST werewolf). Flees HADES, pursued by Biscuits of Cerberus operative Tony Thane. Contaminates Tony, establishes werewolf pack under the protection of Tony Thane’s father, Hyperion of Hyperion’s Fury.

2006: (age 31) Infiltrates HADES black site Farrowthorn to rescue and recruit werewolves for the pack. Adopts Regina Slaughter.

Atlas’s mother, Katina Ivanova, was born in 1949 to Dmitry Ivanov, who fought with Vlad in WWII. In 1952, Ivanov and daughter (age 3) move to the states. Atlas’s mother does not remember Russia.

To deal with the communist fear of the 6os, father and daughter smothered their Russian heritage. In 1969, while in collage, she meets and marries Atlas’s father, Hernan Barrow.

Hernan was born in Panama in 1947. His mother, Irasema Baules, was Panamanian and his father, Clarence Barrow, was an African-American hospital corpsman stationed at Coco Solo aboard an O-Class submarine.


1923: Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

1939: Sept. 1, Germany invades Polant; WWII or The Patriotic War.

1940: (age 17) enlists in the Red Army, contaminated by a werewolf and fails to report for duty. Sentenced to hard labor in a penal battalion for desertion.

1941: (age 18) Order No. 227 restores penal combat units. Vlad assigned to 114th Independent Penal Company.

June 22, Operation Barbarossa.

Aug. 7-Sept. 26, Battle of Kiev.

1943: (age 20) German campaign. Disappears from history.

1980: Resurfaces in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

2006: Meets Regina Slaughter.

During WWII Vlad told his superior officers that all his battle deeds were the work of other soldiers so they could gain pardons and return to the regular army while he stayed behind in the penal company. He also assumed the identities of dead soldiers so no one gets suspicious about why he’s there for so long.

Is his name really Vlad? No one knows.

Tony Thane

1978: Born Anthony Thomas Thane to Theodore Issac Thane aka Hyperion of Hyperion’s Fury.

1993: Runs away to Las Vegas, Nevada.

1994: (age 16) Stationed by Hyperion in HADES’s Biscuits of Cerberus. Covertly uses mage talents to track down contaminated hunters.

2003: Contaminated by former Gluttons of Chronos member Atlas Barrow, turns into a werewolf, and flees HADES. Helps Atlas establish a werewolf pack under Hyperion’s protection on the condition that the werewolves assist him with his research projects and protect his territory.

2005: Establishes Silver Wolf Stills bar and distillery.

2006: Atlas adopts Regina Slaughter.

Theodore Thane

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Regina Slaughter

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