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Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Horror book “Pulling Teeth and Other Stories” by Jessa Forest, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Nicholus Schroeder for Readers’ Favorite

Pulling Teeth and Other Short Stories is a book in the horror genre by Jessa Forest. Werewolves, vampires and even more terrifying creatures from the void blend in with the crowd and to keep them in check an organization called HADES hunts them down. A little werewolf pup by the name Regina Slaughter is held at a HADES facility for heinous experiments. She and others of her kind are mistreated and tortured for fun, that is until a fierce werewolf called Atlas infiltrates the site and kills every human in sight. Atlas and Regina then make their way to his pack’s safehouse. There Regina meets a peculiar man called Thane, also known as the deadliest hunter. Thane takes a liking to Regina and wishes to take her under his wing, and Regina is happy as long she lives free. Her freedom, however, will come at a heavy price and she’ll have to get used to seeing blood, as her current occupation requires that it be spilled without hesitation. Join Regina as she hones her werewolf abilities and tackles the unknown.

This book has an incredible plot that I enjoyed from the beginning till the end. It was very captivating and it always had new elements that would keep the whole experience fresh and entertaining. I also liked just how unique the entire plot was and how Jessa Forest conveyed it all to me. I really love her style of writing. The lore established in Pulling Teeth and Other Short Stories is by far the most intricate and well-thoughtout I’ve come across in a while. Especially the realm known as the Void, as I found this topic of conversation very interesting. Action scenes were also amazing and well choreographed as I could easily picture the carnage left in Atlas’s wake and the other scenes.

Jessa Forest really did a stellar job of conveying her thoughts to the reader as I never once felt confused by her scenes or plot. The characters are worth mentioning as well as they’re all well-written and relatable. Each was authentic and realistic. Thane was my favorite as he piqued my curiosity and I liked getting to know more about him. Now, before I turn this review into an essay, I’d like to thank the author for having written such a masterpiece. Readers that enjoy books with supernatural beings such as vampires and so on are sure to love this book. Plus, it’s got an incredible plot and characters, so you can’t go wrong with this title.”

You can learn more about Jessa Forest and “Pulling Teeth and Other Stories” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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Don’t drop your Resonator. Don’t let your client die. In that order.

Echo’s job is simple: travel instantaneously across universes, attend to the customer whose health is in jeopardy (or not), and go home. That’s what the Company wants, and if Echo’s faithful prayers to the Corporate Gods have anything to do with it, that’s what they’ll get.

After all, that’s what customers pay for when they buy a RealEverywhere vacation package—the chance to travel to any universe and do whatever they want, including killing their alternate selves. That’s always fun, right?

It’s a good thing Echo just renewed her life insurance policy, because by the time she reaches her customer’s universe, he’s missing. Something very strange has happened, and after all Echo has seen in her lifetime as an Emergency Medical Technician, that’s something to fear.

“Echo” is a fast-paced corporate sci-fi adventure that combines notes of dark humor with all too possible futuristic concepts. 


Echo is about customer service and being forced to cater to stupid people.

Echo is about parallel universes. With unlimited possibilities and unlimited universes, are you really living your best life?

Echo is about self-examination. And making the most out of a tough situation. Like when you go into work and everything just falls to shit.

This Corporate Science Fiction Short Story takes a lot of inspiration from my fifteen plus years of customer service experience. Of course, I never had a Resonator 9000, but the sentiment is the same. I hope Echo can be one of those stories where you see yourself and thing, “Oh, yeah, that’s totally happened to me before.” But also, “Oh wow, I really hope that doesn’t happen to me.”

Sort of a there-but-for-the-grace-of-god-go-I situation.

I gave my character Echo a lot of my sass and disgruntled feelings about working in situations where customers/clients are not happy for whatever reason. I also gave Echo something I’ve never experienced: she’s happy with her job. I’ve never worked in a job that I’ve 100% loved and I wanted to explore what that might be like in my fiction. I will warn you, there are things in this story that Echo doesn’t love. But in a society where unemployment is the same thing as a death sentence, she puts on her big-girl scrubs and deals (sometimes even like an actual professional lol).

There are hard sci-fi elements to this story, but because it is so short, I’ve kept things at a happy medium-hard. My favorite thing to invent for Echo was a corporate society’s religion. I had a lot of fun thinking about, “What if Wall Street was actually a church?”

This story might be for you if:

  • you enjoy fast-paced, character driven stories with tough (but far from perfect) and snarky female protagonists
  • you like reading characters get out of tough situations
  • you like your sci-fi with dark themes and ominous endings


Speculative E-Shorts is a series of standalone short stories that I want to write for people who need to suspend reality and get away for a little bit. I used to have an hour and forty-five minute commute to work both ways and I struggled to find things to keep me occupied.

My father passed away in 2004 after a two-year battle with brain cancer. One thing that my mother said that broke my heart was how painful the waiting room experience was for her. She had nothing to occupy her time except her fears and worries during scheduled and emergency doctor visits.

Now, my mother is a very analytical person, and she doesn’t read a lot of fiction BUT if you’re stuck in the ER waiting room and need an hour to kill, maybe my stories can help.

Maybe you’re on your lunch break, and you had a shitty start to your shift. Or maybe you want to read something you can finish in one sitting. Speculative E-Shorts can help with that too.

Echo is now available on Kindle Unlimited to read for free and 0.99 cents to buy.

Echo is an ebook only. However, Speculative E-Shorts is a quarterly publication, and as soon as I write enough stories to fill a paperback, there will be paperback Speculative E-Shorts omnibuses available for purchase.


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Nicola Kapron, Erica Ciko Campbell, A.E. Stueve, Stephen McQuiggan, Carson Winter, Garrett Rowlan, Steve Hayward, Anna Ziegelhof, Frances Pauli, Catherine J. Cole, Dave D’Alessio, Britt Foster, Carla Durbach, Carol Holland March, Joel Donato Ching Jacob, Aviel McDermott, Kathrine Machon, Coleman McClung, Jessa Forest, Matthew Gomez, Julie Cohen, Lisa Short, M.M. Schreier, E. Seneca, Geri Meyers, Rowan Rook, Roni Stinger, Spencer Mann, Simon Brown, Chrissie Rohrman

I am so honored to be included in this anthology alongside so many wonderful authors with wonderful stories.


Stories take us beyond the bounds of our own lives—into new worlds and new situations. Perhaps most importantly, they invite us into new minds. Through the eyes of the characters we temporarily become, we not only live other lives, but discover new ways of looking at our own. Speculative fiction takes us a step farther—beyond the bounds of humanity, itself.

In Through Other Eyes, the first All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, immerse yourself in 30 unique stories featuring non-human protagonists, from aliens to dragons and monsters to mythical beings. Become someone—and something—else.

Blurb and author list from All Worlds Wayfarer.


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The Harpy’s Son.

This story was inspired by my still unfinished NaNoWriMo 2016 manuscript and is the backstory of one of the protagonists of The Heart of the Forest Cycle.

It seems, though I struggle with getting my characters’ current lives on paper, I have zero issues writing their backstories.