Jessa Forest writes poetry and weird fiction. She is the author of The Slaughter Chronicles, a contemporary grimdark fantasy/cosmic horror series about werewolves, and Speculative E-Shorts, an on-going collection of standalone, bite sized short stories for when you need to escape reality for an hour.

Her short fiction and poetry has also appeared in traditional print and online magazines. In 2011, she was nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Prize. Her writing questions the definable borders of reality and indulges the gritty, visceral aspects of dark fantasy and science fiction. She was born in Arkansas, USA.

Reading Bhanu Kapil’s Incubation: A Space for Monsters to deer skeleton.


Havoc’s Moon is Book One in The Slaughter Chronicles, a grimdark contemporary fantasy / supernatural suspense. It takes place six years after the prequel stories in Pulling Teeth.

The Hollow Zone is a stand alone bio-punk / science fantasy novel with dragons.

Speculative E-Shorts is an ongoing collection of stand alone science fiction and fantasy short stories. One story is published every three months.

The Heart of the Forest Cycle is a post-apocalyptic epic with faeries.

Love No Evil is an occult ANTI-romance featuring ghosts, demons, and manipulative relationships.

After the Flood is my next poetry collection.


Dear Reader: October 2020: “Home”

Blood and Bourbon issue 7: Begin Again: “She Had Cities” and “Red Lineage”

Trampoline Poetry Issue 6: “Lab: Medusa’s Head”

Design by: Nils Odlund


Uncharted Library Interview, where I talk about the inspirations behind Pulling Teeth and The Slaughter Chronicles

Between the Pages Book Chat with multi-genre author A.F. Stewart

Quarancon 2021 Live Reading from Pulling Teeth and Other Stories of The Slaughter Chronicles

Lurking For Legends Live Videocast Interview, where co-hosts Richard H. Stephens, Christie Stratos and I talk about the writing process.


  • Literary Titan Book Award, March 2022
  • Pushcart nomination, The Camel Saloon, 2011
  • Arkansas Writers’ Conference, Rita Goodgame Award, 2nd place, 2010
  • North American Discworld Convention, Creosote’s Poetry Contest, 3rd place, 2009
  • Hollins University, Lex Allen Literary Festival, Poetry Contest, 1st place, 2008
  • Randolph College, Margaret Raynal Fiction Award, 2nd place, 2005
  • Academy of American Poets Honorable Mention, 2005
  • Knowing Our Past Foundation, Creative Response of the Human Spirit, 2nd place, 2003
A black and white forest scene with heavy shadows and imposing branches.

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