The Slaughter Chronicles

Welcome to The Slaughter Chronicles… where there are two sides to reality and three sides to life.

Earth and the Void, where the shadows are never empty.

Human, monster, and monster hunter.

In a world full of unseen dangers and hidden treachery, hunters are all that stand between humanity and the jaws of darkness.

When little Regina Slaughter unwillingly became a werewolf at the tender age of nine, she lost her whole family soon after. Now on the monster side of life, Regina learns that there are no limits to the kinds of monsters hunters can be.

Caged and subjected to horrifying experimentations at the whim of HADES’s werewolf hunters, Regina is destined for a tragic end.

But after a daring rescue, Regina finds a new family with the Alpha of the most improbable werewolf pack in rural America. A pack of former werewolf hunters turned in the line of duty. Hidden from HADES’s Central Command by their own top Void hunter, these ex-hunters pay for protection from their former comrades with their own flesh and blood.

Where HADES’s werewolf and vampire hunters use modern technology to hunt their prey, HADES’s elite Void hunters use more archaic and sinister methods to keep the creatures of the Void at bay.

Werewolf Regina is far from perfect, but that won’t stop the top Void hunter from molding her into his version of the perfect killing machine, despite the pack Beta’s misgivings about her murky past.

Growing up within the very organization that caged her, Regina starts a new life as an apprentice Void hunter.

The Slaughter Chronicles is a dark fantasy, cosmic horror series of novels and short fiction about a world where humans don’t believe in monsters, but they are very much real.

And they will eat you.

First Edition
Second Edition Coming Soon!

The Slaughter Chronicles Season One

(Book 0) Pulling Teeth and Other Stories: Winter 2020; second edition Harbinger of Havoc: Summer 2022.

(Book 1) Havoc’s Moon: Summer 2022

(Book 2) Slaughter’s Moon: Winter 2022

(Book 3) Berserker Moon

(Book 4) Moon’s Ruin

(Book 5) Moon’s Menace

(Book 6) Bitter Moon

(Book 7) Hunter’s Moon

(Book 8) Butcher’s Moon

(Book 9) Falling Moon

(Book 10) Moon’s End

The Slaughter Chronicles Season Two

Five more books in the works, titles TBA!


Here are the wonderful artists and editors who help me make my writing and my characters the best they can be 🙂

Proof Positive: my editor and writing coach

Konn Lavery: map and cover designs