Despair on the home front of a war-torn dystopia.

Megan’s mother has no patience for her. Megan’s privileged pseudo-friend, Sophie, bullies her at every opportunity. And Megan’s teachers are sure she’ll only be good enough for the worst jobs available.

Midnight-blue eyes grant wishes.

But her special secret treasure is the one thing they can’t take from her. And it holds an incredibly powerful and frightening thing inside, something Megan can never mention to anyone. The thing with midnight-blue eyes and uncountable jagged teeth wants Megan to wish for something, anything, and it wants her to wish more and more. But at what cost?

Every wish has a price.

The Wish Maker is a cosmic horror short story exposing the disturbing similarities between real-life evils and a larger-than-life Lovecraftian monster.

Book cover for The Wish Maker


I’ve had the idea for The Wish Maker in my head for a long time now, probably 30 years to the day exactly.

It all started on a dark and stormy night. I was watching an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? that fantastic gateway show into horror and madness for every rural American child of the 90’s. The episode was based on the short story “The Monkey’s Paw.” Somehow I got a hold of that original story and the idea of wishes (bringing dead people back to life) having consequences intrigued me.

But I found the story wanting. A thought kept bugging me: what about the monkey? Was it still alive? Would more magical things happen if you got a hold of its whole body? And most importantly, was it pissed off about losing a paw?

I know I would be.

And thus, the creature inside Megan’s secret treasure was born.

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