Dead Man Walking (Nick Holleran, #1)Dead Man Walking by David Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dead Man Walking is one of the best paranormal private investigator stories I’ve read in a long time. Nick Holleran is both delightfully sarcastic and sympathetic. You really feel for him and you can tell he really feels for other people, even when he has to shoot them in the face. He also has excellent taste in music. Green is a master storyteller and Nick’s voice and personality are beautifully crafted.

This book puts a unique twist on paranormal investigation, and given the vastness of the genre, that is really hard to do. The world building is wonderful and I’ve never seen a Hell on Earth concept like this before. Green definitely does not disappoint with this one. If you’re a fan of Edward Lee’s City Infernal, this is for you.

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