Blood Red SandBlood Red Sand by Damien Larkin

A fantastic read!

Blood Red Sand is a beautifully crafted companion novel to Big Red. Part sequel, part prequel, new and familiar characters from Big Red converge for an EPIC battle on Mars. The story follows the events of a Nazi colony falling to Allied forces. Blood Red Sand has the same fast-paced, gripping action of Big Red but on a much larger scale. Larkin does not disappoint as he weaves a harrowing, heart pounding battle-scape. We see the fall of New Berlin from many different angles, and a rare glimpse into the trials and tribulations on both sides.

Larkin’s strength as a storyteller lies in the scattered bits of foreshadowing he leaves for us to pick up like breadcrumbs. If you’ve already read Big Red, your jaw will hit the floor more than once as the backstory plays out. The story ends with a brief pause in the conflict that I can only guess at as the calm before a much larger storm.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I eagerly await the next. Onward to victory and kill them all!

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