Cover art by Toeken

My short story, The Promise, is featured in the Feb. 2022 issue of Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine alongside stellar artwork and gritty, visceral fiction. I am honored and overjoyed to be included.

Read my story here.

So far, my favorite visual art pieces from this issue are “The Summoning” by Cat Scully and “The Outpost” by Denny E. Marshall. And “Woman/Wolf” by Marge Simon reminds me of my best girl Regina, if she were older and way more serious.

The stories I’m loving in this issue are: The Mirror Effect by Rekha Valliappan, an exquisite tale of inheritance and mirror magic; The City by Max Sheridan, a wild ride in a violent future Earth; and Pleasant Valley by Nick Scorza, whose narrative voice is *chef’s kiss*.

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