Menstrual Cup

Do not read this if periods, blood, or menstrual cups make you uncomfortable.

This is a legit, for reals conversation between myself and my husband. I am amazed that we both function in adult society.

Me: (Slips and almost falls over in shower.)

Mr. J.: Are you okay?

Me: I can’t get my cup out!

Mr. J.: That is a terrible problem to have.

Me: Yeah.

Mr. J.: If I had a cup, I would want it out of me.

Me: (laughs)

Mr. J.: How would I poo?

Me: I don’t know, dear.

Mr. J: Or, if it was a really tiny cup and up my urethra, how would I pee? And what would it be doing there? Cups are supposed to live in the cupboard…

Me: (oh my god really?)


Photo credit: Flickr user krheesy under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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