Short Stories

Namaste Apocalypse: Jane clings to the last shreds of normalcy by going to yoga class in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

The Librarian: Patrons of the library beware. All is not as it seems.

The Promise: some promises can be kept in this dystopian, grimdark future.

Poetry Chapbooks

Download the free PDF versions of my two chapbooks, Girl + Muse and Lupercalia.

Girl + Muse PDF

A 13 poem chapbook for…

for the girls who can see

for the girls who cannot

for the girls turned into salt

for girls who wanted love

for the girls with no hope

for the girls with sharp edges

for the girls who stood up and fought

for the girls we will remember

for the girls who love stories

Lupercalia PDF

An 11 poem chapbook for…

when it gets too dark to read

when your light has gone out

when the hunting constellations crack the winter sky

when you wanted that feeling (of not feeling) and

when all I could do was enjoy the freeze in my fingers

the blind cold against my cheeks like heavy hands